10 Unique Promotional Products That Fit Any Budget

By: Ashlee McNicol

Promotional products are physical items that showcase a company’s logo or brand message to increase brand awareness. They are powerful and effective marketing tools that give consumers the opportunity to engage with a brand on a personal level, creating a memorable brand experience.

Here are 10 affordable, top-selling promotional products you can use to spread the word about your business:

1. 2,600 mAH USB Power Bank Charger

The 2,600 mAH Power Bank charges your electronic devices in less than an hour. It comes in colors such as black, silver, metallic red, metallic blue, metallic green, metallic pink, and metallic purple.

Cost: Approximately $10/unit

2. “What a Deal” Value Tote

The “What a Deal” Value Tote is a 16” by 15” cotton bag that can hold up to 50 pounds. It comes in natural, blue, red, and black.

Cost: Approximately $3/unit

3. Origin L Fabric Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

Our antimicrobial mouse pad contains a soft surface and full-color design options for ultimate customization.

Cost: Approximately $2.50/unit

4. Piggy Bank With Digital Coin Counter

This smart piggy bank counts every coin that enters it, helping you keep track of your savings. It’s battery-operated and also features a reset button.

Cost: Approximately $15/unit

5. Bluetooth Speaker Stainless Vacuum Bottle

This popular 12-ounce bottle is black with a stainless steel interior. It contains a screw-on lid with a wide-mouth opening and a built-in speaker that connects with your electronic device through Bluetooth.

Cost: Approximately $20/unit

6. Silicone Smart Wallet

The Silicone Smart Wallet helps you travel light. It holds up to three cards and attaches directly to your phone.

Cost: Approximately $1/unit

7. Custom Cookies

Your choice of cookie (sugar, chocolate, or oatmeal) is delicately coated with Belgian milk or dark chocolate. It’s even imprinted with your logo.

Cost: Approximately $5/each

8. Digital Weather Station with Alarm Clock

Our easy-to-use digital weather station shows the time, date, and temperature. It also doubles as an alarm clock.

Cost: Approximately $10/unit

9. USB Flash Drive

Our USB flash drive helps you back up files with ease. It comes in various colors and styles to support your branding needs.

Cost: Approximately $5/unit

10. Sugar-Free Slim Mints Rectangular Design

Our calorie-free, peppermint-flavored mints fit easily in any customer’s pocket for easy access during the day.

Cost: Approximately $1/unit

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