Order Your 2021 Promotional Calendar Now

Aren’t we all just about ready for 2020 to be over?! Now is the time to order your promotional items for 2021. One of the most effective tools is a calendar. Sure, people generally schedule their appointments via a digital calendar on their computer or mobile device. But a quick glance at a desk or wall calendar is still an essential part of how people share important dates with co-workers or family members.

Now more than ever, daily lives are highly scheduled between Work-At-Home and School-At-Home scenarios. Chances are, there is a very well-used calendar hanging on the refrigerator or sitting on the desk. 

Calendars are a smart way to keep your contact information in front of your clients or constituents for an entire year.

Basics for Designing Your Calendar

  • Choose your audience. Are your calendars gifts for clients? Fundraisers for schools or non-profits? 
  • Choose your graphics based on a theme. Are you highlighting your own business/school/non-profit? Providing useful information about your city or state? Photos from a prior event? Kittens? Choose a theme that shows your personality.
  • Use high resolution graphics. Find appropriate graphics that are high resolution (300 dpi) and already sized for the print space. Remember, enlarging a graphic to fit a space is not recommended and will cause the graphic to pixelate. 
  • Ads & Sponsors. If your calendar is a fundraiser, consider selling space for ads and logos to appear. Just make sure you get high resolution logo graphics.
  • Design your calendar. Calendars can come in a variety of formats: hanging, desk, planners, cubes, magnets, and pocket. There are a lot of free templates available online and within software programs. We recommend a matte finish, so they are easy to write on.
  • Personalize it. Add in reminders on specific dates that apply to your situation.

Ideally October-November is the time to design and print your calendar, giving you plenty of time to distribute it before the new year. Our team members will work with you to design a calendar that will fulfill the technical aspects of graphics and printing, but also takes into consideration the binding, finishing, and mailing/postage costs. Let’s make it happen!