3 Marketing Collateral Ideas to Win More Customers

By: Ashlee McNicol

Marketing is essential in the business world because it helps the general public learn about your brand. While most industries are full of competition, there are many ways you can stand out and market your services—starting with well-designed print marketing collateral.

Marketing collateral consists of promotional materials that help draw potential customers to a company’s products and services. While media yields great results for advertising, studies show that print marketing is trusted by 55% more consumers than any other type of advertising method around.

By using the right marketing collateral, you can create an affordable system for generating leads and increasing brand loyalty.

Here are three marketing collateral ideas to help you get started in winning more customers:

Marketing Collateral Idea #1: Brochures

A brochure that advertises your services is a great way to introduce customers to your brand. Not only can it provide quick information about your business, it can help you get the word out about your products and services. It can also be used to advertise displays and deals, build authority, and establish trust with your target audience.

Hand out your brochure with a business card for the best response rate. A friendly face and personal contact will make the customer request more information.

Marketing Collateral Idea #2: Outdoor Signage

If you have a trade show or other important event coming up, outdoor signage such as window decals and yard signs can drive attention and increase foot traffic. People who see the signs may be more likely to attend because the local, personalized feel suggests trustworthiness. Outdoor signage can also help beyond just advertising for events by increasing brand recognition. Just make sure the signs are durable for the weather in your area if the signs will be left up for extended periods of time.

If you’re advertising an online event, outdoor signage can still help, but make it worth the investment by putting up the signage in areas where your target audience resides (i.e. a certain part of town, around a school, etc.) Put up a banner on the event day and incorporate indoor signage too for best results.

Marketing Collateral Idea #3: Swag Items

Swag is a great way to help customers remember your brand. This makes it easy for them to refer other people to your business, as well. Swag may include pens, coffee mugs, stickers, and more items that showcase your logo. Choosing the right swag is important because it represents your brand and business.

Whether it’s through pens, outdoor signage or brochures, the right marketing collateral can help launch your business in the right direction.

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