3 Tips To Make Your Cards And Invitations Stand Out

Do you ever feel lost or stressed when it comes to printing invitations and cards? Do you wish there was a checklist or guide to carry you through the process? Well, in today’s blog post, we are here to offer our many years of printing expertise to ease you through the process!

Step #1 PLAN 

Chances are, if you are here reading this post, then you are in the process of planning an event. Whether it’s a gala or even just a company Christmas card- they both require time and a solid plan! Our suggestion is to plan your cards or invites as far out as possible and with more time than you think you need to account for any delays along the way. The timeline depends on factors such as stock, printing techniques and the size of the database, but on average, we recommend planning at least 2 months out from the day of your event.

Here are some timeline estimates for the printer:

1 – 2 business days to receive commonly ordered paper

10 – 12 calendar days to receive mill order specialty papers

2 – 3 business days for proofing and changes

3 – 10 business days for production depending on any special finishes: die cut, foil stamp etc.

1 – 2 business days to mail prep and drop

Mailing: Presort standard could take up to 2 weeks nationwide, but a local mailer is about 2 – 3 business days.

From our experience, a general rule of thumb is to receive your invite 3 – 4 weeks before the event.

Step #2 PAPER

The world of printing begins with the substrate that is being printed on. Paper is often overlooked in the printing process but deserves more credit, as it is the backbone of the printed piece. Paper has the power to make an exceptional first impression. With stocks ranging in thickness, color, opacity, glossiness, and soft timeless stocks like cotton, and textures like linen or felt, the options are truly endless. Take the time to explore your stock options and give your guests the ultimate first impression!


Along with the importance of paper stocks is the importance of choosing the right printing technique for your event. Is your event classic and timeless? Embossing or raised ink will give your invite that elevated look that will last the test of time. Want to make sure your invites pop? Try incorporating foil or white ink to catch your recipient’s eye! Is your event going to be next level? Think outside the box with die-cutting or a card that has pop ups!

As you can see, when planning out your invitations, there is a lot to consider. Take our advice and allow yourself the time to properly plan and most importantly… ENJOY the process! Have any questions regarding printing?

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