5 Best Large Format Printing Trends in 2018

By: Ashlee McNicol

If you want to get noticed, sometimes it’s good to go big. Whether you’re looking to entice customers to your business, at a trade show, or other special events, large format printing may be the way to go. It includes printed items such as signage, trade show displays, banners, and more.

While each large format printed piece may be different, they have one thing in common: a goal to attract customers and share a marketing message. SmithPrint can even help take your event presence to the next level with marketing solutions for digital RSVPs.

Here are 5 useful large format printing trends to watch for in 2018:

Large Format Trend #1: UV Inks

UV inks contain pigments that resist UV fading from direct sunlight and other UV light sources. This is a popular trend because it helps text on large format printed pieces maintain its quality. UV coating can also be used, which is an environmentally friendly method of bonding and curing liquid laminate with ultraviolet light, increasing a product’s durability.

Large Format Trend #2: Textile Printing

Textile printing offers a softer look than traditional large format canvases. It’s also easier to mail since it folds, making shipping more affordable, too. Textiles and other forms of soft signage work great at special events, complementing your existing print marketing materials.

Large Format Trend #3: Pantone Colors

Colors play a major role in print advertising. According to Pantone, the color of the year is ultraviolet. This color represents luxury, making your large format printed pieces stand out. Choose colors that complement your brand based on the Pantone color trends for 2018.

Large Format Trend #4: Textures

Incorporating textures is a fantastic way to distinguish your banner or sign from the competition. Die-cutting, raised ink, and embossed ink are all popular finishing techniques that can take your large format printed piece to the next level.

Large Format Trend #5: Mass Customization

Mass customization increases production significantly, while still providing personalization no matter the size of the print run. This sought-after trend helps your message stand out to the right customers.

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