5 Tips For Printing A Year End Ask Campaign

As the end of the year comes to a close, it’s time for non-profits to start sending year end ask letters. With 31% of annual giving occurring in the month of December and 12% of annual giving occurring in the last 3 days of the year, the timing of a year end ask campaign is critical. At SmithPrint, we are here to help you meet deadlines and make a lasting impact with your final printed piece! That’s why we want to start by sharing our tips for printing the ultimate year end ask campaign.

Here are the 5 rules to follow for year end ask campaigns

1. Plan, Plan, Plan 

It takes time and preparation to ensure that you are reaching your target audience at the right time, the right place and with the right messaging in your campaign. Peak giving is at the end of the year but it often takes multiple touches before an individual takes action. Consider having your final printed piece ready by late October or early November and mailing the letters by mid November to give the consumer ample time to send in their donations.

2. Check The List

In marketing they often say “your campaign is only as good as your list” and it is so true. Be sure to check your list and make sure it has been updated with changes in address, new volunteers and people or businesses of interest. Purchasing a list is always an option if you feel like your list is lacking. It can go a long way.

3. Personalization

Add a special touch to your year end ask campaign with VDP! Variable Data Printing is a great way to make your mail piece stand out and catch your recipients eye. The personalization of using their name or business can help the potential donor to feel more connected to your mission and encourage them to donate.

4. Make It Easy

Make giving a breeze by allowing a variety of giving options. We suggest including a remittance envelope and a QR code for the tech-savvy giver!

5. Make It Happen

Once you’ve completed these steps… the rest is in our hands. We can print, assemble and even mail your final printed pieces. Contact one of our sales representatives today to see how we can help with your Year End Ask campaign! 210-690-8338