Everything You Need To Know About Printing Catalogs

Why Printed Catalogs Over Digital?

Do you have a business that sells products and are considering printing catalogs? Well, we’re here to help. In fact, we’re here to tell you that you should… and here’s why. Catalogs often go unrecognized, but they are a critical piece of printed marketing collateral. Catalogs, in many cases, are the first impression a potential buyer will have of your company and the products sold. A catalog tells the story of your company to a potential buyer over time and helps bridge the gap between the physical and digital world. In fact, in a digitally driven world, people still prefer printed catalogs over digital ones, according to this statistic from Xerox.

In a multi-channel world, 57% of consumers prefer printed catalogs over digital/electronic catalog” 

Just think, how long do you hold onto a printed piece and refer to it over time? Certainly, more than those 100 + emails you likely received in your inbox today. Consumers need to be touched 8-12 times before they react to a marketing message. Now is the time to add print to your digital catalog campaign. We’re here to help you give your potential customers the ultimate first impression!

Step 1: Get The Design Right 

A great first impression begins with appearance. The overall design of the catalog should fit the aesthetic of your company. For example, if your brand is more modern, stick to clean lines and simple layouts to consistently tell the story of your brand. Next, focus on the shopping experience for the customer. Keep the products organized and separated into categories so that the customer can easily search for specific products.

Need help designing a catalog?

Our team of graphic designers are here to help. 210-690-8338.

Step 2: Determine Printing Specs

Taking your catalog design from digital to physical is an exciting journey! Our team of skilled sales representatives are here to discuss the best finishing options for your final printed piece. Options such as paper stock, coating, binding, and the best quantity to fit within your budget.

Step 3: Let’s Make It Happen

The last and final step after the design has been completed and the printing specs have been determined is to sit back… relax… and let us work our printing magic!

We can’t wait to turn your dream into a reality.