Using Print in Your Marketing Strategy

In a world filled with advertisements, it is hard to know if you are getting the most for your marketing investments. The average person receives around 3000 marketing messages a day. On top of that, it can often take 8-12 touches to reach that target for the first time. So why not make one of those touches tangible? A print piece helps your client to retain your offer to them. Since the average person is so desensitized to digital ads or email marketing it is natural for them to scroll right through the ad without even giving it a chance. A well-designed print piece with a strong call to action gives your online ads a fighting chance. When your company’s brand crosses the desk of your prospect it plants a seed in their mind of who you are. Often this is a subconscious action taken by them.

But why does that matter? Once you have made your first touch and your prospect has subconsciously acknowledged your company in their head their minds will notice when they see any further materials from your company. We have the tools at SmithPrint to structure a campaign of advertisements based on your print. First comes the print and following that comes digital ads both via google and social media. We even can incorporate automated email marketing to ensure we are hitting your prospects with every message that needs to get to them.